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Lorenz Natural Mediterranean Vegetables 100G

Naturals, aren't those the crispy potato crisps with natural ingredients? Exactly! Our Naturals have earned their name. Roasting with skin and the unique seasonings make Naturals an unadulterated pleasure that you can taste. 


Naturals are without any preservatives, color, or artificial aroma and they are also gluten-free – for pure pleasure.


Do you love Mediterranean cuisine? With our Naturals Mediterranean Vegetables, you can enjoy delicious potato crisps and bring the summer feeling directly into your home. 

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Country Of Origin : GERMANY
Item Code : 47-310212
Weight : 100 grams
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potatoes, sunflower oil (30 %), salt, paprika powder, sugar, onion powder, tomato powder, dextrose, garlic powder, parsley, eggplant powder, zucchini powder, natural flavouring, colouring food: paprika extract.

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