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Sustainability / Fair Trade Practices

Sustainability / Fair Trade Practices

At The Cocoa Trees, ethical and sustainable sourcing are at the heart of our chocolate distribution and we are committed to offer chocolates that are made from responsibly-sourced cocoa, through working with accredited suppliers who either buy cocoa from farms that participate in certification schemes, or who buy directly from the farms themselves, or the chocolates are made in a slave-free environment.

Mars launches new cocoa sustainability strategy

Mars Wrigley Confectionery, a maker of chocolate for more than 100 years and one of the world’s largest buyers of cocoa, has launched a new plan for overhauling its cocoa supply chain. Called Cocoa for Generations, the plan places the interest of the smallholder farmer at its center, helps to safeguard children and forests, and creates a pathway for cocoa farmers and cocoa-growing communities to thrive. Cocoa for Generations is backed by an investment of $1 billion over 10 years and is incremental to the Sustainable in a Generation Plan investment Mars announced last year.


Creating sustainable solutions Our Cocoa For Good strategy uses 100 percent certification as the base for a broader set of investments and changes addressing poverty, malnourishment, environmental health, and income opportunity in rural farming communities in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. We source exclusively from cocoa suppliers certified by organizations such as Fairtrade USA, and Rainforest Alliance. It ensures we’re only working with farmer groups empowered with the resources, administrative systems, and local infrastructures necessary to meet the high standards of certification.


Mondelēz WTR for People and amp; Planet: Championing Sustainability in Duty Free Mondelēz World Travel Retail (WTR) is building a solid reputation as a champion for sustainability in the duty-free channel. The team has received industry-wide recognition for progressing more sustainable practices, as well as highlighting Mondelēz International’s sustainability credentials to traveling consumers through award-winning products and at the point of sale.


Valrhona has been engaged in the responsible transformation of its economic and organizational model for several years. The company is working toward a just and sustainable cocoa sector, takes care of the planet and pushes boundaries in gastronomy so that it is more responsible

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