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Lorenz Naturals Classic 100g

Lorenz Naturals aims to satisfy your snack needs through pure snack fun. Lorenz Naturals classic potato chips are made from high-quality potatoes, baked in nutrient-rich sunflower oil, and sprinkled with natural spices and seasonings to create an all-natural source of pleasure.
Lorenz Naturals potato chips are produced in Germany with high-quality raw materials. Lorenz prepares its Naturals brand potato chips according to these three rules. First, only use special types of potatoes that are strictly controlled for cultivation. Secondly, potatoes, including their skins, are baked with high-quality sunflower oil, rather than fried. Third, they added three different seasonings, without artificial seasonings and colorings, to ensure an excellent taste. Try and enjoy!

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Country Of Origin : GERMANY
Item Code : 47-71445
Weight : 100 grams
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Potato crisps with sea salt. Potatoes, sunflower oil, salt, sea salt.

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