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Gavottes Berlingots Cocoa with Hazelnut 90g

Give into these little crispy pockets and let yourself be pleasently suprised by their creamy cocoa hazelnut center. The perfect treat to enjoy, or furtively share, like a little gourmet secret.

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Country Of Origin : FRANCE
Item Code : 14-130302
Weight : 90 grams
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Wheat flour (gluten), sugar, wheat maltodextrin (gluten), vegetable oil (canola oil), hazelnuts 6% (tree nuts), vegetable fat (copra), low-fat cocoa powder 3%, skimmed milk powder (milk), barley malt extract (gluten), whey in powder (milk), lactose (milk), caramel (glucose syrup, sugar), salt, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins - canola lecithin, wheat fibers (gluten), coloring agent: paprika extract, natural flavouring.

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