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Bendicks Bittermints 200g

Experience the ultimate combination of intensity and refreshment with Bendicks Bittermints 200g. These iconic mint chocolates are crafted with precision and expertise to deliver a taste sensation that will captivate your senses. Each bite of Bendicks Bittermints is a harmonious blend of rich dark chocolate and cool mint, creating a truly indulgent treat.


Intense Dark Chocolate: Bendicks Bittermints are enveloped in a layer of sumptuous dark chocolate. The deep and velvety cocoa flavor sets the stage for the indulgence to come, providing a rich and luxurious base that perfectly complements the refreshing mint center. Let the smooth dark chocolate melt on your tongue, releasing its captivating flavors and preparing you for the minty delight within.


Cool and Refreshing Mint: As you savor the dark chocolate, a burst of cool mint emerges, invigorating your palate and refreshing your senses. The minty center provides a tantalizing contrast to the deep chocolate, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. The refreshing mint lingers, leaving a cool and revitalizing sensation that makes Bendicks Bittermints a truly delightful treat.

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Country Of Origin : GERMANY
Item Code : 27-300018
Weight : 200 grams
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Sugar, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, peppermint oil with other natural flavourings, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin. Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 95% minimum.
For allergens, see ingredients in bold. May also contain hazelnuts, almonds and other nuts.

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