Nutella Biscuits T22 304G

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A biscuit with a big heart


It's the people we love that make us feel best. The greatest moments are those spent together. And sharing a tasty cookie that everyone likes can make these moments even stronger!


Nutella Biscuits, made to share with those you love.


Nutella Biscuits are a delicious recipe: a golden baked crunchy biscuit, specially crafted to enclose a creamy heart with the unique taste of Nutella. Make the moments you share even more special. A simple recipe with a big heart


A delicious crunchy biscuit made with wheat flour, cane sugar and a creamy heart of Nutella. Turn your break into a delicious expenrience. Everything you love about a crunchy biscuit with all the creaminess and unique taste of Nutella.