Kinder Surprise Aviator Mascotte 140g

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7 Kinder Surprise eggs packed in our iconic Kinderino, with exciting toys to discover! Kinder Surprise is the family favorite that encourages quality time between parents and children.


Kinder Surprise Aviator Mascotte 140g is a special edition of the classic Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs that comes with a fun toy surprise inside. The unique feature of this edition is the inclusion of an aviator mascot toy that will delight kids and adults alike. Each egg is made of delicious milk chocolate and contains a small toy surprise that encourages imaginative play. Kinder Surprise is a beloved family favorite that promotes quality time between parents and children while providing a delicious treat.


Enjoy the fun of discovering exciting toys with your family in 7 Kinder Surprise eggs, all packed in our iconic Kinderino. Kinder Surprise has been a family favorite for years, bringing parents and children together for quality time and lots of fun.