Kettle Gourmet Chilli Crab Popcorn 65g

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We're creature of joy-monsters of our own making. We love our snacks as much as we love doing the things we do with our family, friends and loved ones and spicing up our lives with adventures and experiences to call our own. Life's serious enough. Don't play with your food, mommy said. Com'on, let's have a little fun. The Kettle Gourmet's Chilli Crab is your answer to some crazy fun. Spicy, crunch, popping goodness your mom probably doesn't approve of. But who really cares. Enjoy! 1 packet contains 65g of popping goodness.

The king of all crab dishes. Chilli Crab is among Singapore’s well-known culinary inventions. Loved by Singaporeans, our Chilli Crab secret is in the 'sauce' – a tangy flavour combined with the succulent flesh of the stir-fried crab.


Cane sugar, non-Gmo corn kernel, glucose, cow’s milk butter, seasoning, soy lecithin, baking soda.

May contain traces of egg, milk, soy, peanuts and crustaceans.  

Store in a cool, dry place, away from light and best consumed within 3 days of opening.