Brand Growth

Year 2000 saw the birth of The Cocoa Trees and marks the start of a new chapter for growing demand for refined chocolates. The brand represents vibrancy, reliability and trust, while being approachable and of assuring quality.

At inception, knowing that the root of the business lies in providing premier and exquisite chocolates, well-loved brands such as Toblerone, Daim, Milka, M&M’s, Ferrero Rocher, Ritter Sport, The Belgian and Hawaiian Host were first introduced.

The sweet chocolatey business soared and gradually customers came to recognize The Cocoa Trees as representing the very best of Singapore’s confectionery arena. The Cocoa Trees also made foray into the Singapore Changi Airport, with foresight that travel retail will be an emerging market, and took the brand to even greater heights.

  • 2000-2003

    ‘The Cocoa Trees’ retail concept store was launched in Singapore, together with a new 50,000 square foot office and warehouse to house wide ranging chocolates. At the same time, the regional duty-free business portfolio flourished.

  • 2004-2007

    The Cocoa Trees expanded its retail concept store regionally and opened an additional four outlets at Changi Airport Terminal 1 & 2 to make up a total of 15 chocolate specialty stores in Singapore.

  • 2008-2011

    The Cocoa Trees successfully secured major confectionery concessions at Changi Airport Terminal 1, 2 and 3 as well as in Budget Terminal and became the largest chocolate and confectionery retailer at Changi Airport.

  • 2012-2017

    In 2014, The Cocoa Trees shifted its office and warehouse to a much larger premise to cater for further expansion in future.

    The Cocoa Trees is also the proud recipient of the prestigious Moodie Davitt Report’s Dreamstore award in the confectionery category from 2015 – 2016.

    Having been in the Travel Retail business for more than a decade and a forerunner in the arena, The Cocoa Trees is delighted to be invited to setup its largest chocolate concept store at Changi Airport Terminal 4 in 2017, and is set to make waves with wider selection of chocolates and confectionery products.