About Us

About Us

With its distinctive brand image, The Cocoa Trees’ boutiques have successfully expanded beyond Singapore into the wider Asia Pacific region. Within a short span of time, The Cocoa Trees now operates in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Today, The Cocoa Trees continues to develop its rich and unrivalled portfolio of more than 50 of the world’s premier chocolate brands representing the top 80% of confectionery products worldwide.

As an ever-growing and vibrant home-grown brand, The Cocoa Trees constantly strives to add refined and desired confectionery products to its bandwagon to excite and delight customers.

“A chocolate is a little indulgence that is affordable. And it is good to be in a business that can bring this happiness to everyone. There is no better feeling than seeing how the eyes of our customers light up when they see our wide array of chocolates.”

The Cocoa Trees was awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2009 as well as the Singapore Quality Brand Award in 2014. It is wholly owned and operated by Focus Network Agencies (FNA) Singapore.